• What do I do if I want to report a fault in my apartment or send a disturbance report?

    If there are disturbances, defects, repair needs in your apartment or property, or something breaks when you are using it, file a defect report/disruption report by filling out the electronic defect report form. In an urgent case, call the maintenance company managing your household. Notification form.

    Can a dishwasher be installed in the apartment?

    You can purchase and install a dishwasher/washing machine at your own expense and responsibility. However, the dishwasher must be installed by a certified professional technician (You should receive a certificate after the dishwasher has been installed). There must be a plastic protective basin under the dishwasher. It is acquired and installed at the same time as the device. We also recommend checking the insurance coverage for possible water damage in case the dishwasher breaks down and causes water damage. When you install the dishwasher in the apartment, you will sometimes need to remove one cabinet on its way (if the replacement cabinet is still fit in place). When moving out, the cabinet where the dishwahser was installed must be refit back in its original place. Please also remember that when moving out, the machine must be removed and the water connections must be properly plugged.

    Can I renovate the apartment myself or attach boards to the walls?

    You are not allowed to carry out any renovations, repairs, alterations or painting in Nuorisosäätiö's apartments.

    Normal wear and tear includes a reasonable number of marks that are caused by attaching mirrors, boards, lamps, posters, curtain rods, houseplants, rugs or other comparable objects to the walls or ceiling, are considered reasonable and acceptable. The tenant is not obliged to patch, paint or otherwise cover the holes or other traces caused. However, the tenant must take different wall materials into account when making changes, so that the changes are neat and safe. Changes must be done in the right way for each wall material.

    The exceptionally large holes caused by attaching mirrors and boards are not normal wear and tear, nor are the marks that are the result of changes or fixings that are considered alterations. For example, the use of exceptionally strong fastening mechanisms for any object can be considered as modification work. If the tenant has made such mortgages and there are traces of them, the costs of repairing them are the responsibility of the tenant.

    Also, DC-Fix decoration tape must not be applied to the surfaces of the apartment.

    Holes must not be drilled in the walls of the bathroom and the ceiling of the apartment.

    How can I take care of my apartment?

    It is the duty of the tenant to maintain the basic condition and cleanliness of the apartment and to keep the home in good condition. This can be achived by weekly cleaning your apartment.

    As a tenant, you are responsible of the disturbance and damages caused to the apartment or the common facilities by yourself or by your guests. These kind of actions can lead to a warning, cancellation of the lease and tenant being held liable for the damage. 

    The tenant should inform Nuorisosäätiö about any damage, deficiencies or faults in the apartment that the landlord is responsible for repairing. If there is any repair needs in the apartment or property, please report them via electronic fault report. In the case of water leaks or damage in the apartment that require immediate action, you must immediately call the emergency number of the building's maintenance company.

    We recommend our tenants to get home insurance. Home insurance protects you, your property and your apartment in case of unexpected damage. It's good to keep in mind that home insurance cannot be purchased afterwards to compensate for damages.

    The apartment is hot during the summer. Can something be done about it?

    In addition to the normal procedures, such as through-drafting and nighttime ventilation, you should always submit a separate fault report to the maintenance company about faults or defects in the apartment. The maintenance company ensures that the replacement air ventilation valves in the apartment work properly and that the ventilation of the top vacuum cleaner in the apartment is adjusted for summer settings, etc.

    When the air ventilation of the building and apartments is maximized for the summer and the apartment functions as planned structurally, there is very little that the landlord can do about the temperature of the apartment. So it may be that, despite these actions taken, the temperatures in your apartment will occasionally rise to quite high temperatures during the summer. After the inspection and adjustments carried out by maintenance, if the apartment is structurally functioning properly, no further additional actions will be taken regarding temporarily high temperatures in the apartment.

    The residential health guidelines of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health determine e.g. limit values for apartment temperatures. In practice, based on this, only in a situation where the temperatures in the apartment rise above 32 degrees, the matter requires a more detailed investigation. However, if proper care has been taken to ventilate the apartment, the temperatures in the apartment should not rise to such high temperatures.

    In autumn, the apartment feels cold. What is causing this?

    In autumn, at the beginning of the heating season, the air in the room is often perceived as cool and calls about the temperatures in the apartments become more frequent. At the beginning of the heating season, however, you should be patient and wait until the indoor air adapts to the cooling outdoor air temperature. Suitable room air temperature is generally considered between 20-22 °C.

    First, check the front side of the radiator thermostat. In front of the radiator thermostat (the part from which you can adjust the radiator), you should not place a sofa, thick curtains, or any other obstacle to the free circulation of air. The radiator thermostat reacts to changes in temperature and controls the temperature of the radiator. The heating system is adjusted so that the target temperature in the apartments in winter is 21 °C. Note that a 30 °C radiator feels cool to the hand, but still heats the apartment. Also remember to check the air ventilation and window frames and adjust and clean the replacement air valves, as necessary.

    In case of problems, the temperature of the apartment should be measured from the middle of the room from a height of at least 1.1 meters, and it is good to keep a record of the taken measurement results.

    Please take the measurement on a few consecutive days, and if the temperature is repeatedly below 20 °C, please contact the maintenance company assigned to your residential building by phone or by using the fault report found on our website: https://portaali.tampuuri.fi/nuorisosaatio/vikailmoitus

    I have someone else's stuff in my storage room. How can I use the storage?

    Please fill out a fault report on our website: https://portaali.tampuuri.fi/nuorisosaatio/vikailmoitus

    The law and good rental practices oblige us as landlord to give about 2 weeks notice for the storage to be emptied separately. The maintenance company will place a note and empty the storage by the deadline. After that, you can use the storage. Remember to get your own lock for the storage's door.

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