• Can I make an appointment to speed up the processing of the application?

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to make an appointment for inquiries about apartment applications or tenant selection. Resident selections are based on the information provided in the housing application, so contacting our customer or rental service will not speed up receiving an apartment offer.

    Nuorisosäätiö does not have a time-based application queue, in which apartments are offered according to the application submission date, and we are unable to give an estimate of when we might be able to offer an apartment.

    We do not respond to inquiries regarding waiting times or resident selection.

    I have bad credit infromation. Can I get an apartment from Nuorisosäätiö?

    We check the credit information of all applicants. If the applicant has payment defaults, the housing application will be processed by our separate selection. Once the application has been processed, we will be in touch if we can offer you an apartment.

    I have just moved to Finland, so I have not received a pre-completed tax return. What attachment should I submit?

    If you have had no taxable income in Finland in the previous year, we need a certificate from the Tax Office as an attachment to the application.

    How long can I live in the Nuorisosäätiö's apartment?

    The rental agreement is valid until the tenant turns 35 years old. If there are two main tenants in the apartment, the agreement is valid until the younger one turns 35.

    Can I get a new apartment offer if I refuse the apartment offered to me?

    The apartment application remains valid, even if you refuse the apartment offer. If you want to change the application criteria of the housing application, you must make a new application. The new application automatically replaces the previously submitted application.

    Due to the large number of applicants, there are not enough apartments for all our applicants, so unfortunately we cannot say when we might be able to offer an apartment again.

    How is the lease agreement signed?

    The rental agreement is signed electronically, with your own bank credentials.

    If I start the lease in the middle of the month, do I have to pay rent for the whole month?

    You don't have to. In contracts that start in the middle of the month, rent is only paid for the validity days of the contract.

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