• When should I return my apartment keys and to where?

    Return the keys on the working day following the end of the lease by 11.00 am, at the latest. The keys can also be returned earlier. Please note that failure to return all of the original keys within the given time limit (11.00 am), will result in the moving-out tenant being invoiced for the cost to change the locks. Keys returning locations.

    I won't have time to return the apartment keys by the given deadline. Can I return the keys later?

    The deadline for returning the keys to all our apartments is on the first weekday of every month by 11:00 a.m. If the keys are not returned by the deadline, the apartment's locks will be serialized and the costs of this will be taken care of by the resident who is moving out.

    Please note that another person can return the keys for you.

    I already moved out of the apartment, when will I receive my deposit back?

    The security deposit will be returned within one month of the end of the lease, provided that the apartment does not have any renovation needs or deficiencies in final cleaning caused by the tenant. All original keys must also be returned by the deadline. If the inspection reveals anything specific, you will be notified by e-mail. Nuorisosäätiö complies with the Act on Residential Leases (AHVL) and in accordance with the Rental Practice guidelines. Our billing is based on either the tenant billing price list or the actual costs. We will primarily deduct the cost from the security deposit you have paid.

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