• In the rent payment invoice I have received, the payments are only until the end of February. How do I pay the rent after that?

    Like other landlords, Nuorisosäätiö also checks the rents of its apartments annually. Decisions on possible rent increases are made in December, when the housing companies' budgets for the coming year are confirmed. Information about rent changes and new rent payment invoices will be sent out to tenants in writing during December, and the new rents will come into force at the beginning of March of the following year.

    Can I change/postpone the rent payment's due date?

    The rent due date cannot be postponded. In the event of late payment for any reason, interest will add up starting from the due date. It is advisable to pay a delayed rent as soon as possible to minimize extra charges. Nuorisosäätiö sends monthly payment reminders for overdue payments. In case of debt, you will receive a payment tip by email from Nuorisosäätiö and a reminder letter by post. The debt should be paid to the normal rent account including all additional charges. If we do not receive the payment by the due date of reminder, the debt will be transferred to Intrum Oy, and the debt will incur additional collection fees and late-payment interest.

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