Moving in

  • Before moving

    1. Pay the security deposit according to the invoice information you've recieved.

    2. Make an electricity contract for your new apartment.

    3. Submit a move notification to the Post and the Local Register Office.

    4. Make sure to get home insurance.

    5. If necessary, subscribe to an internet connection service for your home.


    Electricity is not included in Nuorisosäätiö's buildings. It is worth getting an electricity contract for the new apartment before moving. You can choose the electricity company yourself. We recommend you to compare their prices.


    The water fee is automatically added to the payment specification based on the number of people living in the household.

    The amount of the water fee varies based on the building's location. You can see the amount of water fee in your rent payment invoice.

    Internet connection

    Some of our building have their own company's broadband, which is included in the rent. Activate your internet connection on the service provider's website.

    Internet access is included in the rent in the following buildings:

    Herttuanportti 4 (Elisa)
    Kumppaninkuja 1 (Elisa)
    Pellaksenmäentie 13 (Telia)

    Isosaarentie 2 (Elisa)
    Tyynenmerenkatu 7 (Elisa)

    Bjarnenkuja 8 (Elisa)

    Herraskuja 2 (DNA)
    Roopenkuja 4 / Rouvaskuja 1 (DNA)

  • Collecting the keys

    The keys can be collected on the first working day of the lease agreement from 1 pm. Bring a security deposit payment receipt or a commitment issued by Kela (a picture / screenshot is enough) and an official identity card.

    Collecting the keys based on apartment's location

    Depending on the apartment's location, collecting the keys is either through your building's maintenance company or the local locksmith service. It is recommended that you check the opening hours on the office's website.

    Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa
    Avainahjo Oy
    Hermannin Rantatie 10, 00580 Helsinki
    p. 010 239 2900

    Järvenpää, Kerava
    Kotikatu Oy
    Wärtsilänkatu 61 , 04440 Järvenpää p. 020 7931022 (24h)

    Kiinteistöhoito Koskelainen
    Sotkankatu 6, 15150 Lahti, p. 0400 711 180 (Make an appointment for collecting the keys beforehand by phone)

    HH-kiinteistöpalvelut Oy
    Viinikankatu 53, 33800 Tampere p. 010 3950 395

    Exact dates for collecting the keys

    You can pick up the keys to your new home on the first working day of the lease agreement starting from 1 pm (See dates below). Keys cannot be handed over earlier, so take this into account when  planning your move.

    If your lease agreement starts on another day during the month (not the first day of the month), it is possible to collect the keys to your apartment in the morning.

    Mon   3.1.2022
    Tue    1.2.2022
    Tue    1.3.2022
    Fri      1.4.2022
    Mon    2.5.2022
    Wed   1.6.2022
    Fri       1.7.2022
    Mon    1.8.2022
    Thur   1.9.2022
    Mon   3.10.2022
    Tue    1.11.2022
    Thur  1.12.2022

  • After Moving-in

    Congratulations on your new home!  A few more things before its time to put your stuff in place and decorate your home to your liking.

    Move-in Inspection and apartment condition

    We aim to conduct the move-in inspection on the first day of the month. You will receive information about the move-in inspection from the form left in the apartment, by text message or e-mail. If the inspection reveals defects or deficiencies that require repair, repairs will be started as soon as possible (within 3 weeks). The contractor will contact you to arrange the schedule. Please answer incoming calls from unknown numbers. By coordinating well with the renovation contractor, you ensure that the work is completed as quickly as possible.  

    Move-in Inspection

    It is important that you also check the condition of the apartment yourself by filling in the move-in inspection form on the tenants' page. This ensures that there will be no disagreement later about the cause of any defects, e.g. when moving out.

    You can access the inspection form by clicking on the lease box “show lease”, after which you will find the move-in apartment inspection in the opening pageview.

    It is a good idea to fill in the form immediately upon moving-in, but no later than 5 days from the beginning of the lease agreement / collecting the keys.

    In case of a problem, you can contact

    Name change to the door-nameplate and tenants list board

    Finally make a door-nameplate change notification to the maintenance company via the fault report form. This way, you will get your last name on the door's nameplate and on the tenants list board.

  • Floor Plans

    Floor Plans