For a tenant

  • Tenant's Responsibilities

    Paying the Rent

    The rent must be paid according to the lease agreement by the 5th day of the month. Pay the rent according to the payment specification you received and use the reference number mentioned in the payment specification.

    The due date of the rent can't be transferred or changed in any circumstances. If the rent is delayed for one reason or another, the late payment will bear late payment interest from the due date. So you should pay the delayed rent as soon as possible to minimize your costs.

    In addition to the rent, the tenant pays a water fee charged according to the number of people living in the apartment. The amount of the water fee varies between 19-28 € per person / month (in most of the properties the water fee is 23 € / person / month). Alternative and separate monthly fees are sauna and parking fees.

    Nuorisosäätiö's collections has been transferred to Svea Perintä. So in the event of late rent payment, the tenant will be contacted by Svea. If you have received a letter from Svea, follow the instructions you have received and pay the bill by the due date and use the reference number and details of the bill. If you have any questions (payment plan, amount of debt questions etc.) please contact Svea:

    Svea Perintä
    tel. (09) 4242 3050

    Taking care of your apartment

    It is the duty of the tenant to maintain the basic condition and cleanliness of the housing and to keep the home in good condition. As a tenant, you are responsible of the disturbance and damages caused to the apartment or the common facilities by yourself or by your guests. These kind of actions can lead to a warning, cancellation of the lease and tenant being held liable for the damage. 

    The tenant should inform Nuorisosäätiö about any damage, deficiencies or faults in the apartment that the landlord is responsible for repairing. If there is any repair needs in the apartment or property, please report them via electronic fault report.

    Maintenance responsibility grid

    Home Insurance

    Buy a home insurance for your own benefit. Home insurance protects your home and your movable property from unpleasant surprises.

  • Fault Report

    If you notice faults, damages or repair needs in your apartment or residential building, please report them via electronic fault report. If there is frequent disturbances (disturbing noise etc.), please report these disturbances with the same report form and choose "Häiriöilmoitus". 

    In case of an emergency situation (water damage etc.) or in severe problems that needs to be fixed during the same day, call your home maintenance company.


    When filling the report, we recommend that you choose "Saa käyttää yleisavainta" as a entrance information, in case you dont have pets in the apartment that would prevent using the master key.

    If you choose "Soita ja sovi" as a entrance information, check that the phone number is correct and make sure that you are reachable when the repair man calls. If the repair man does not reach you, the fault message will not be processed.

    Faults that hinder daily living will be repaired as soon as possible. Other defects will be repaired within about a week.

  • Maintenance Companies


    SKIPA Kiinteistöpalvelut Oy, phone 09 859 881 (24h)
    Herttuanportti 4
    Klippinkitie 1
    Kumppaninkuja 1
    Pellaksenmäentie 13
    Rummunlyöjänkatu 8
    Ullanmäentie 13
    Ullantorppa 2


    Talosyke Oy, phone 020 749 8060 (24h)
    Hatuntekijänkuja 11
    Henrik Lättiläisen katu 5
    Hiihtomäentie 14
    Hiihtäjäntie 5
    Hiihtäjäntie 7
    Hitsaajankatu 1
    Isosaarentie 2
    Koskelantie 72
    Laajasuontie 35
    Mustalahdentie 1
    Petter Wetterin tie 4
    Porslahdentie 24
    Puotilan Metrokatu 4
    Seltterikuja 4
    Tyynenmerenkatu 7
    Tyynylaavantie 13-15
    Vuotie 55

    ISS Palvelut Oy, phone 0200 155 00 (24h)
    Siemenkuja 1
    Tapulikaupungintie 17
    Teerisuontie 35
    Turkhaudantie 3
    Viljatie 3

    Järvenpää, Kerava ja Tuusula

    Pestok Oy, phone 020 793 1022 / phone 020 793 1024 (24h)
    Alankotie 2, Järvenpää
    Bjarnenkuja 8, Järvenpää
    Metsolantie 50, Järvenpää
    Pöytäalhontie 74, Järvenpää
    Lintulammenkatu 11, Kerava
    Lintulammenkatu 15, Kerava
    Santaniitynkuja 1, Kerava
    Seunalantie 8, Kerava
    Hyökkäläntie 9, Tuusula
    Pähkinämäentie 255, Tuusula
    Swingipolku 2, Tuusula

    ISS Palvelut Oy, phone 0200 155 00 (24h)
    Puistotie 4, Tuusula

    Lahti ja Hollola

    Kiinteistöhoito Koskelainen, phone 0400 711 180
    Herraskuja 2, Lahti
    Kaarikatu 9, Lahti
    Manninkatu 2, Lahti
    Manninkuja 4, Lahti
    Roopenkuja 4 / Rouvaskuja 1, Lahti
    Oravapiha 2, Hollola

    Kiinteistöpalvelu Nummela, phone 0400 714 325 (24h)
    Rauhankatu 10, Lahti


    ISS Palvelut Oy, phone 0200 155 00 (24h)
    Oraankatu 1-2
    Orioninkatu 14


    ISS Palvelut Oy, phone 0200 155 00 (24h)
    Isoseppälä 10
    Myllärintie 2
    Sorvankaari 10


    ISS Palvelut Oy, phone 0200 155 00 (24h)
    Palojoentie 2


    ISS Palvelut Oy, phone 0200 155 00 (24h)
    Heikkilänpolku 2


    Onni Kiinteistöhuolto ja kunnossapito, phone 040 6281 150 (24h)
    Graniittitie 18
    Graniittitie 20


    HH-Kiinteistöpalvelut Oy, phone 010 3950 395 (24h)
    Iidesranta 30


    ISS Palvelut Oy, phone 0200 155 00 (24h)
    Illenpiha 4
    Rosendalinkuja 7
    Tammistonkatu 23


    ISS Palvelut Oy, phone 0200 155 00 (24h)
    Papulintie 2

  • Rules and Regulations

    Tenants must follow the rules and regulations of Nuorisosäätiö. Tenants are held responsible and liable for any damages and neglects not only by themselves but also by their guests. Residents must behave in a way that shows consideration towards the neighbours.

    The night-time peace is from 22:00 to 07:00, during this time all the residents and their guests must avoid any kind of noise or disturbance in the apartments and common areas.

    All the residents are responsible for familiarising themselves with the rules and regulations. If a tenant or his/her guests violates any of the rules and regulations, tenant may be obliged to pay damages, may get a warning notice and/or may result in the termination of the lease agreement. 

    rules and regulations

  • Changes in Housing

    Do you still have the same persons living in your apartment as at the beginning of the lease or would it be time to update the information? All changes in housing must be reported to Nuorisosäätiö as soon as possible. Tell us about the new resident with a written tenancy notification:

    Tenancy notification

    Flatmate, Partner or Child:

    When a new person moves living with you into the apartment, please fill out the Tenancy Notification form carefully and send it to our customer service. The new resident will not become a tenant to the rental contract, but the lease will remain on behalf of the main tenant. Once we have approved the Tenancy Notification, the person will be added to the register of occupants and we will send a new rental invoice with the new water fee information.

    If you want the name of the new resident on the door and the staircase table, please report it with an electronic fault report. Select "Nimenvaihtoilmoitus" and write the surname of the new resident in the text field. The resident can live in the apartment as long as the main tenant's contract is valid. 

    It is advisable to make a written sublease agreement with the flatmate/partner, where you both agree on the rules of your rental agreement. The main tenant is ultimately responsible for paying the rent and the condition of the apartment. The sublease agreement is important, especially if you apply for housing support from Kela, for example.


    Subleasing means renting the whole apartment to another person. You can rent your apartment for maximum two years. Approval for subleasing requires moving out of your place of residence and in the Helsinki metropolitan area it requires moving out of the metropolitan area. After approval, the main tenant is advised to sign a rental agreement with the person who moves to the apartment.

    Renting does not affect the main tenant's lease and the main tenant is ultimately responsible for paying the rent and the condition of the apartment.

  • Additional Services for Tenants

    Parking Spaces

    Tenants can rent a parking space for a car in most of our properties. Parking space types, amounts and prices of parking spaces varies. Contact us for more information.

    Parking space rental and terminations of parking space agreements:
    Please mention in a message:
     - Your own name and address
     - Parking space information (desired parking space type and number, if known)

    Termination of the parking space agreement

    Parking space agreement is for an indefinite period and may be terminated by the tenant or by Nuorisosäätiö. The notice period for the termination of the agreement is one full calendar month. So if you want to terminate your agreement ending 31st of May you have to terminate it 30th of April at the latest.

    The rental of a parking space owned by Nuorisosäätiö ends automatically at the end of the lease, and in this case you don't need to terminate the parking space agreement separately.

    Parking Control

    Parking is only allowed in the marked parking spaces. Our parking control is mainly managed by Q-Park or municipality's parking control. Parking conditions are shown on the parking lot signs.


    Our tenants have an opportunity to book an own sauna shift. Here is how you can book a sauna shift!

    1. Check out the free sauna shifts at the door of the sauna.

    2. Book a sauna shift by sending an e-mail to "Sauna shift booking, address of your house" for example "Sauna shift booking, Hiihtäjäntie 5"
    Please mention your full name, exact address, and the desired time of the sauna shift.

    3. Wait for the confirmation of the sauna turn and the starting day.

    4. Get a new payment specification which has added the fee of your sauna shift.